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Need a quick chocolate fix?

January 27, 2011

In the mood for something sweet and cake like? Maybe even chocolate? I have the solution for you!!! Read on …

I found and tweaked this individual chocolate cake recipe. It is very easy and very quick. Whenever you need a little pick me up or just a sweet bite.

Single Serve  Chocolate Cake

2 tbsp flour .. whole wheat works

1 1/2 tbsp splenda granulated (I used the one with fiber)

2 tsp unsweetened coco powder

1/4 tsp baking powder

a couple sprinkles of instant coffee – if you have it.

a pinch of salt

a pinch of Cinnamon

2 tbsp milk (any)

1 tsp olive oil

drop of vanilla extract


Put all dry ingredients into a coffee cup and mix together so no lumps remain. Add in wet ingredients and stir until smooth.

Bake in microwave on high for 40 seconds, if needed add 5 more seconds. Do not over cook, will be moist otherwise will be rubbery.

You can eat as is or add some chocolate sauce or whipped cream.

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