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Cooking get together….Perogies

December 19, 2010

Friday night I had a friend over to hang out and cook together. We made pierogies and biscotti. The little one enjoyed the company and had fun trying to help(mostly get in the way).  Biscotti recipe in another post.


~~~All amounts are approximate ( potatoes are to taste)~~~


3 lbs of potatoes (we used russet)

1/2 onion

2 tbsp butter

1 cup cheddar cheese

6 slices american cheese ( we used 2%  american)

Salt and pepper

For potatoes, peel and cut into pieces and boil until soft. While cooking potatoes, dice onion and cook on pan with butter until carmalized about 5-10 minutes. Once potatoes are cooked drain and place in large bowl, add onions and cheeses and some pepper and salt. Blend using mixer until all uniform. Taste, add salt or pepper if needed. You can add more sliced cheese if needed as well. Let cool.


~~ still looking for the perfect recipe~~

I’m not posting the recipe yet, since ours did not come out very good… I will work on it more and post one later. I recommend to  find one online and try that. You might need 2 batches.

To make stuffing easier you want to roll the potato mixture into little balls about an inch in diameter and place on a plate. Trust me this extra step makes the stuffing much easier!

Boil a large pot of water and add a good amount of salt to it.

To make pierogis, roll out a piece of the dough to  about 1/8 inch thickness and use a glass or cookie cutter to cut out a circles about 3 inches. Once you have the first set ready, you want to stuff them. Take one circle and stretch slightly, place one ball in center and wrap dough around it. I would first bring together the center and work my way out. You want to pinch the dough together to seal. Make sure to not have any potato filling pinched between the dough or the pierogies will open up when cooking.

Pierogies ready to be boiled.

Once you stuff the pierogies and set it on a lightly floured baking sheet or cotton towel. Keep pierogies separate or they will stick together. Keep filling dough circles until you finish the first batch of circles. Once your water is at a roaring boil, drop a handful of pierogis in the pot. Do not overcrowd or they will stick together. They will initially fall to the bottom but once they cook they will float. Once they float up let them cook for 3-5 minutes and then take out of the water.

Place cooked pierogis on a baking sheet or plates to cool. Do not let them touch. Once dry on one side, flip over to dry the other side.

Let water come back to roaring boil and repeat . Keep rolling out dough and stuffing until you run out of one or the other. If you have leftover potatoes, they taste great on their own. If you have leftover dough, just cut into small pieces and boil the same, they still taste good and kids love it that way.

Once the pierogies have dried on both sided you can place them in a container to finish cooling and store. I keep some in the fridge and freeze any extras. You can freeze on cookie sheets individually than place in bags or if you don’t mind them together just place serving size portions in plastic bags and freeze.

You can eat them fresh right out of the pot, or you can reheat on a pan with some butter. On the pan they get crispy and delicious.

Enjoy! I know my family did and so did our company!!

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